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Hi! I'm Randi.

I'm a Brooklyn native, a high school guidance counselor and an animal advocate living la vegan loca. I live in Rockaway Beach with my husband Steve and our six rescue cats. 

I handcraft jewelry that's a little bit gritty and a whole lot of pretty.

I'm a crafty babe, and have been making different kinds of home decor and jewelry forever.  I use vegan inks and purchase the vast majority of my materials from other women-owned small businesses all over the country. I like reading hip hop as poetry, being a badass vegan feminist cat lady and laughing really loudly at inappropriate moments.  Every piece of jewelry is made by hand, by me. I meticulously hand stamp each letter one at a time, and I tie a bow on every box. Clearly, the cats supervise the bow tying process.


I'm RYT200 certified

I've been practicing Yoga for twenty years and was previously motivated by the desire to perfect the physically demanding pose of the week. Then in 2011, I broke my hand (pretty much off) snowboarding.  My surgeon told me I was to "never yoga again" and I was heartbroken.  I bounced around aimlessly for years after that with a half-assed yoga practice, feeling sorry for myself and my broken hand. I let my broken hand break my sense of self, in regards to yoga.

I have discovered that yoga is so much more than I ever imagined it could be. With the help of my teacher J. Brown, I've learned that while yoga certainly can be amazing physical exercise, the emotional benefits of a breath-centered, steady and regular yoga practice are worth their weight in Lululemon leggings.

I practice and teach a type of breath focused, gentle yoga that incorporates techniques of both Vinyasa and Hatha yoga practice.  I like to describe it as soothing and powerful work from the inside out, instead of the outside in.

I hold a Master of Science in both Secondary Education and School Counseling.  While many feel that yoga is super serious and silent, I believe talk and yoga can be quite compatible. While many of my yoga clients are not teenagers, my ability to listen is not age specific. It's my hope that our yoga sessions can be a place for you to find balance, peace and confidence both physically and emotionally.