Custom Children's Bracelet

Custom Children's Bracelet

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This listing is for one gorgeous bracelet for a child in sterling silver or 1100 aluminum.

This is the perfect gift for that little peanut in your life who knows he or she wants to change the world. 

The bracelet measures 1/4" × 5" and will fit most children between 3 and 11. The aluminum is much more forgiving than the sterling silver in terms of bending to fit perfectly.    

Each bracelet is handmade to order for you and each one is a little different due to the nature of hand stamping.

The vegan ink used to darken the lettering is semi-permanent.  The ink will fade over time. Keeping your stamped jewelry out of water will help to lengthen the life of the ink. You can also indicate when ordering if you would prefer natural (no ink) letters.

All bracelets come beautifully and simply packaged in a 100% recycled kraft box and twine ready for gifting.

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