419 Beach 129th Street
Belle Harbor, NY 11694

Pico is in walking distance for me and the mister, so it's our go to for drinks and guac. It's fairly low key during the week, and packed with locals on the weekends.

Here's the skinny on the VEGAN side:

What to get on the menu:

Guacamole and Chips - no substitutions needed and the chips are house made.

Napa Cabbage Salad - it's large and awesome. No substitutions are necessary. It's vegan as is.

Shoestring Onion Rings - a giant heaping pile of oniony goodness. They're made in a shared fryer, which some vegans don't eat from. We kinda feel like the oil isn't doing any of the damage and using the oil up and pouring new oil also doesn't contribute to cruelty.

What to get off the menu:

The veggies tacos or the L.A. Burrito. You need to ask for substitutions. You need to be clear. The refried beans are a no-go. Ask for the black beans. The vegetables are flavorful and change occasionally, but it's almost never the dreaded yellow squash sitch. Go for it, but BE CLEAR that you're vegan. And don't be afraid to remind them what that means.




Thai Rock

375 Beach 92nd Street
Rockaway Beach, NY 11693

Thai Rock is great in the warm months because it has a waterfront deck with spectacular views of the city. Definitely specify outside when making your reservation.

Here's the skinny on the VEGAN side:

What to get on the menu:

There are a lot of vegan options on the menu. Seriously, this is the most vegan friendly joint in the Rock.  We're OBSESSED with their peanut Thai dumplings. O B S E S S E D. Every time we order them, we kick ourselves for not getting 2 portions.

The currys are not vegan and neither is the Pad Thai, but the Pad See-Ew and the Pad Kee Maow are both stellar noodle choices. You can also go the fried rice or salad route. Just ask your server - they're really knowledgeable and honest about what's in the food.

What to get off the menu:

We've never felt the need to ask for anything special. There are multiple options




Whit's End

16702 Rockaway Beach Boulevard
Queens, NY 11694

Whit's takes over the entire Riis Park Beach Bazaar space for the cold months and serves a full menu of his famous pizza and other dishes.  It's a fast paced, noisy spot that's warm and fun when it's cold out. 

Here's the skinny on the VEGAN side:

What to get on the menu:

The marinara pie is amazing. Get two or three. That's all there is, but out in Rockaway the pickings are slim for us vegans.

What to get off the menu:

You can ask. The menu changes daily and sometimes the menu of the day has something on it that can be made vegan. We've gotten amazing spaghetti squash there. Be prepared to get scolded if they're busy.

VEGAN ICK FACTOR DISCLAIMER: it smells like meat in there. Whit likes to cook a lot of it.